BBQ Cleaning is a thankless and time consuming task. It is one of the most difficult and hated chores. Do you forget about the BBQ during the long winter months and then get a nasty surprise when BBQ season starts to discover you have burnt on carbon and some unwanted visitors? We can help with that dirty, unhygienic BBQ.
In 2 to 3 hours your BBQ will be left hygienic and clean. Our Expert BBQ Cleaning Technician will place a drop sheet down to protect the surrounds and your Deck or Paving. He will strip your BBQ taking out the plates, burners and fat tray. The cavity of the BBQ and both sides of the hood are cleaned. The fat absorber tray is cleaned and fat absorber is replaced. The BBQ trolley and exterior of the BBQ are degreased and polished. The plates are soaked in the Technicians Heated Soak Tank and scrubbed clean. Your BBQ is reassembled and checked that everything is working correctly. As all of our Cleaning Solutions are Environmentally Friendly your BBQ is ready to cook on immediately.

We are dedicated to achieving amazing results and exceeding your expectations. For more information or to arrange a clean, just contact us today. We are happy to clean both your oven and BBQ on the same day or attend your home on different days to complete the job.
Our BBQ Cleaning Prices are based on how many burners and the size of your BBQ. As it can be difficult to give an accurate quote over the phone for a BBQ our technician is more than happy to give an accurate quote whilst cleaning your Oven or before commencement of the BBQ Cleaning.

We Service:

  ● 2 burner through to 8 to 10 burners
  ● Stainless steel hoods
  ● Baked enamel hoods
  ● Baby weber q
  ● Medium weber q
  ● Family weber q
  ● Built in BBQs
  ● Fixed gas line

BBQ Cleaning Service